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Isolate fields MLST (Oxford)MLST (Pasteur)
2243 541915USAAcinetobacter baumanniisputum1171054117150370322531115532A. baumannii
2302 AB_1594-8USAAcinetobacter baumanniisputum14696544795935612221115417A. baumannii
2337 25493_1USAAcinetobacter baumannii14696544795935612221115417A. baumannii
2391 MDR_MMC4USAAcinetobacter baumanniilower respiratory tract11732299328122222222A. baumannii
2410 929679-2095USAAcinetobacter baumanniistool/rectal swab117322142334922222222A. baumannii
2414 34654USAAcinetobacter baumanniistool/rectal swab68173222153976221022222670A. baumannii

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