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Isolate fields MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearsource categoryepidemiologyatpAddlgdhpurKgydpstSadkST
2906 V03-12-A03-012-002FM-12South Korea2012other animalsanimal_poultry192113271166
2907 V06-13-S03-012-009FM-13South Korea2013other animalsanimal_poultry192176201167
2908 V02-14-A01-012-001FM-14South Korea2014other animalsanimal_cow192176391168
2909 V04-14-A03-012-001FM-19South Korea2014other animalsanimal_poultry5912113201169
2910 V02-14-A03-012-086FM-22South Korea2014other animalsanimal_poultry1921136201170
2911 V06-14-A03-012-062FM-27South Korea2014other animalsanimal_poultry59411671171
2912 15VRE63KSouth Korea2015hospitalized patientclinical_isolate332222111172
2913 15VRE74KSouth Korea2015hospitalized patientclinical_isolate75115731173
2914 15VRE73KSouth Korea2015hospitalized patientclinical_isolate95111213976

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