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Isolate fields MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearsource categoryepidemiologyatpAddlgdhpurKgydpstSadkST
2915 E4347P1 V11 J8France2003non-hospitalized personcomm_surv451316311174
2916 E2620The Netherlands2006hospitalized patientclinical_isolate1913523761961175
2917 E2090Denmark2001other animalsanimal_pig5212912051176
2918 E7432168558RThe Netherlands2012hospitalized patientclinical_isolate7111511311177
2919 E4346P1 V10 J0France2003non-hospitalized personcomm_surv13888611461178
2920 E4345P1 V6 J19France2003non-hospitalized personcomm_surv51375178661179
2921 E8429179161The Netherlands2015hospitalized patientclinical_isolate982111111180
2922 E4471The Netherlands2008pet animalsanimal_dog7111111431181
2923 E0110The Netherlandsnon-hospitalized personcomm_surv138886107441182

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